Special Offers

Camberley Independent Volvo Centre can provide a wide range of services for your car including the fitting of genuine brake discs & pads, brake fluid changes, engine coolant flush & replacement, all at very competitive prices.

Brake Fluid Change

Volvo recommend brake fluid change every 2 years. Brake fluid absorbs water from the atmosphere, even though it’s contained in a virtually closed system. This happens over TIME not the mileage the car has covered. Contamination by water reduces the temperature normal brake fluid is designed to boil. It also causes internal corrosion to critical cylinder surfaces. High temperatures generated by modern braking systems can cause vaporisation. This vapour can be compressed and the brakes become ineffective under hard braking.

From £50.20 + VAT.

So why take the risk. Call us on 01276 708950 and we will advise you on how to ensure the braking system on your car is always working at its optimum efficiency.


Engine Coolant Change

Most car manufacturers recommend that a car’s coolant is changed every 2 to 3 years and for the best results they recommend using coolant approved by them. By failing to use the correct coolant or the correct ratio of coolant there is a risk of causing irreparable corrosion and damage to the car’s cooling system, which may result in over heating.

We can change car’s coolant using the manufacturer’s recommended product, ensuring your car continues to operate at the optimum temperature. Our price for a coolant change is very competitive. Please call us on 01276 708950 for more information.

Price for most models from £55.40 + VAT.

We can supply ready mixed coolant top up for your car. A handy 1 litre container has the correct mix of coolant and water so there’s no more guessing the ratio of coolant to water. By using the correct coolant, you will help your car’s cooling system to maintain its optimum working temperature and prevent the risk of harmful corrosion.


Car Batteries

We would recommend that you always fit a battery recommended by the manufacturer. By fitting original equipment, you know it will be the correct size and output for your particular car. Also, it is likely it will last longer than non-original parts. We can supply genuine Volvo batteries at very competitive prices, usually cheaper or the same price than most aftermarket retailers, so before purchasing your replacement battery call us first for a price comparison.


Windscreen Wipers, Screen Wash & Lighting

We can supply original windscreen wipers for your Volvo car, designed & approved by the manufacturer for your particular model at very competitive prices. We can fit them free of charge.

We can also supply 1 litre containers of screen wash as recommended by the manufacturer. This screen wash is designed to operate at temperatures as low as -28 degrees centigrade from a 50/50 mix. Research has shown that the deadly legionnaires disease can exist in windscreen washer bottles that have not been replenished with a recommended screen wash. As a quality product the screenwash we supply is designed to ensure there is no likelihood of this occurring.

We can also supply & fit a range of original equipment light bulbs for your car. Please ask for details.


Genuine Volvo parts & equipment!

We can also supply a wide range of original manufacturer’s parts and equipment at very competitive prices. Check prices with us first before you buy.